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Coming in at just an inch long, this is the teeniest working knife and it's just as handy as it is cute! The steel blade is 3/4 inch long and sharp, so be careful while opening and closing. The blade opens and closes nice and snug so you don't ever have to worry about it accidentally opening on you. The knives are available in natural dark abalone shell with rainbow luster or natural white mother of pearl. Since shell is a natural material, the one you recieve will look slightly different but just as beautiful.  The metal on the ends (bolsters) are made of brass and the knife comes on a 19 inch high quality soldered gold filled chain with lobster clasp. 


A note about chain: Gold filled chain is heat and pressure bonded to a solid brass chain and is 100x thicker than electroplated gold chain. Gold filled chain is a high quality, long wearing alternative to solid gold. You get the look of gold without the super high price tag.  I only use high quality gold filleed and sterling chain from trusted suppliers and will never sell a cheaper alternative like electroplated chain. It is inferior and notoriously problematic. Often it is made with mystery metals or contains nickel and the plating will wear off with everyday use in as soon 1 to 3 months.  I believe in tansparency with my products and if you ever have a question about metal content, I am happy to provide information and education.  

Worlds tiniest working knife necklace

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