Looking for an interesting additon to your curiosity shelf? How about a tiny collection of Rattlesnake vertebrae? The little two inch bottle contains 5, very clean and intact, ethically sourced Western Diamondback Rattlesnake vertebrae. The tag is dyed with coffee grounds and then hand typed on my vintage typewriter to appear aged, keeping with a classic curio esthetic. The cork is not sealed, in case you want to take them out and use them for anything you may want them out of the jar for.  


Origin of Specimen: roadkill


Disclaimer: The specimens I offer most often died of natural causes, are ethically sourced and/or have  been collected by me or I know the source directly unleess stated otherwise. They may come from roadkill, natural deaths, have been culled for illness or disease, or found in nature. Sometimes I will aquire something that was a byproduct of meat production as to not let the rest of the creature go to waste. I will always provide the origin of the specimen in the description. 

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake vertebrae specimen jar