A couple of years ago I was in Tucson Arizona and I found a rough slab of this dinosaur bone, also known as “gem bone.” It comes from the Morrison formation in the Henry mountains of Utah. Dinosaur bone was discovered there in the late 1800’s and this particular bone is from the Jurassic Period. According to radiometric dating it is believed to be about 156 million years old. How crazy is that! I finally got around to cutting it up and I made this cabochon and hand fabricated this whole ring from the ground up. Notice the red cell structure in the bone. It’s an incredible reminder of what came before us and I find it amazing that something that once roamed the earth before we even existed can be held in your hand and live on. This ring has been hand fabricated from sterling and fine silver and the face of the bone has a high polish and smooth finish and is 1.5 inches tall. The band is hefty but comfortable with a lizard skin double edge with oxidizing to bring out the detail and make it look worn in. This ring is a size 9.5 but would probably fit a 9 through 9.5 comfortably because of the style and width.  Truly one of a kind.  I’ve named it “the sharp tooth” in honor of the the movie “The land before time.” It was my favorite movie when I was 6 and what made me fall in love with dinosaurs.

THE SHARP TOOTH fossilized dinosaur bone ring