MOOD RINGS ARE BACK! After a 6 year break, I have finally found the best glass mood stones with the most vibrant color shift and have redsigned them to be sleek and simple with a hand fabricated sterling and fine silver setting and knife edge band. The back is closed to protect the stone from moisture and is low profile so it sits right against your skin so that you have constant contact for the most accurate color reading. There are a few rules for mood rings so make sure you treat it right to ensure that your mood ring lasts a long time.

1. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT submerge the mood ring in water. The way mood rings work is that they have a layer of thermochromatic liquid crystals behind the glass that have been sealed with a polymer to keep them contained. When the temperature changes, the crystals twist and reveal different sides of their color molecules. This layer is water resistant but not waterproof. If water penetrates the layer beneath the stone, it could make your ring stop working or make the back get a weird halo that never goes away so please take it off to wash hands or swim or any activity involving water.

2. DO NOT leave it exposed to extreme heat or cold temperatures. This means, don't leave it in a freezing or hot car or anywhere the temp gets to freezing or a ridiculously hot temp. 

3. Only clean with a polishing cloth. 


And that's it! Treat it nice and you will get many years of wear out of your mood ring.


Please choose your custom size from the drop down menu and allow 2 weeks for the creation of your ring.  Each ring comes with a color guide card insert to tell you what each color means.