This ring is on hold for Paula.
First payment .

On the last day of February 2021 this ring was completed under a full wolf moon. After one year spent under the thumb of a pandemic this ring sprouted from the ashes. A natural square growth formation radiates from the center. 4 sides of a square. Four seasons of a year. That’s how long we’ve been waiting, together but apart. This ring is dedicated to all who have survived and the ones who did not. This ring is for the imperfect year that is still wildly beautiful even with its flaws.

A prefect size 8 with a stone that is 1.5 inches tall and and inch wide. This ring isn’t quiet. This ring isn’t shy. This ring came to party and it’s ready for happy days to be here again....and they will. 

Hand fabricated from sterling and fine silver. One of a kind. I will never find another stone like this again and that’s why it’s perfect even with its imperfections.  The band has been hand stamped with a flurry of stars on a sturdy16 gauge wide tapered band to support the weight of the stone and for a comfortable fit. The band has been oxidized and polished to bring out detail. A true statement ring.

Final payment for Paula WOLF MOON cubic formation rainbow moonstone ring