The buffalo nickel was in production between 1913 and 1938 in the US. I personally think it’s our cutest coin. Your ring can either have the front facing with the buffalo or the chief. Three chiefs actually sat for the rendering of this coin. Their names were Iron Tail, Big Tree and Two Moons. Their images were combined to make the face we know and love on the nickel. The heart and lightning bolt are soldered on and are solid raw brass so they will age with your coin as you wear it. If you would like to keep it shiny, use a polishing cloth about once a month. The band features a comfort fit and hand stamped stars in solid sterling silver.  The band is set wide on the back so it hugs your finger and this prevents it from sliding around with the weight of the coin. Available in all sizes. These are made to order so please allow up to two weeks processing time to make your personal ring.

Buffalo nickel ring