The history of garnet dates all the way back to the Bronze age, 5000 years ago. It's name was derived from "grantium" which means pomegranate because the crystal looked like the seeds of this fruit. The name was actually originally "granat" but over time it has morphed into the  name "garnet" that we know now. This twinned triangle ring features two natural rose cut hessonite garnets attached at a horizon. The stones are set in solid sterling and fine silver, floating on the edge of a knife edge sterling band in a size 7. The title "as above, so below" is refrence to the notion that whatever a person does on Earth will be reflected in the spiritual plane, or that whatever happens in nature or the stars is reflected within the human body.  This phrase explores the duality of our actions and reminds us that everything we do effects everything we come in contact with. It is a reminder to live well and do no harm. 

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW Hessonite garnet ring