This delightful pillow shaped cutie is a natural Arizona Variscite. It is a sister stone to Turquoise and forms under similar conditions but it has it's own unique characteristics. The difference is that Variscite is a brighter green and typically has less complex matrix than its sister Turquoise. Variscite is usually seen to be on its own with a brighter green color. Sometimes it can be confusing to define because Certain veins can produce both Variscite and Turquoise (or a blend) in the same deposit. One mine that can produce both Variscite and Turquoise is the Broken Arrow mine in Nevada.  This stone is a beautiful light fresh minty green and is a size 6.25. It sits atop a lightly hammer textured sterling band that can worn alone or it goes great with skinny stacking rings. The setting is hand fabricated in fine and sterling silver. 

Arizona Variscite ring