These little cuties have managed to survive for over 100 years and come from the late 1800's. The Tiny 2 inch german abalone knife would have been worn in the waist coat of a gentlemen and perhaps used to clean his pipe or open letters. The little solid brass barrel key would have opened a cabinet or chest or some other secret hiding place. Both looks so sweet together on a long gold filled 30 inch chain and the key has a solid sterling ring that has been soldered closed and oxidized to bring out detail. Considering it's age, the abalone shell on the knife is pretty near flawless and has a very colorful luster ranging from pink/orange to yellow/green and flashes from every direction. It opens and has a sharp intact blade so be careful. The blade still stays closed when not in use, so no need to worry about it openeing up unexpectedly.  Tiny abalone knives like these are notoriously hard to find without the shell cracked or completely rusted shut. This one is a real treasure. 

Antique abalone knife and key necklace