Here's one you'll never find again. This original antique token comes from Uruguay, dated from the 1890's. It is made of solid bronze and features a sun and moon with the orginal patina.. and can we just talk about that amazing warm natural worn in texture? Tokens like these were often used as gambling tokens or "counter tokens" that were used to help people learn how to count by usuing symbols, similar to German Spiel marks or French Jeton tokens. They were never used as currency. Considering this token is 130 years old, it's in great condition and holds the secrets of it's history in a hand fabricated sterling and fine silver setting. I've oxidized the setting to match the rustic feel of the token and it comes on an 18 or 20 inch oxidized and polished rounded box chain with lobster clasp.  Please specify what length you would like at checkout.  

Antique 1890's Uruguayan bronze sun and moon token necklace